Take a break

Two weeks ago in Spain I ripped my pulley on my finger. Patience and discipline are demanded to help my injury and inflammation recover soon.

The good thing about it is that my partners stand behind me also in difficult situations. Especially Athletes Special Projects (ASP) Red Bull helps with words and deeds.

Besides therapeutic treatments I got a special program with the stretch band and balls to strengthen muscles of my shoulder and my body core in general. I really appreciate their support and I am sure I will recover soon.

Anyway I never get bored, because there is enough work in my company k3-climbing.

On the one hand I gave classes and on the other hand I did route-setting for the new climbing gym in Telfs that opens on 9 July 2016. I am there! It's worthwhile to join it and sign in for the boulder contest. More information is available on: https://www.facebook.com/events/475571879319080/

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