Plan consciously nothing and get aware of unconscious things!

By times I have experienced how important it is to balance between fixed schedules and instinctive acts. On the one hand I want to push my limits with certain routes on a fixed date. On the other hand I need to calm down again and get away from my plans so that I can just behave according to my feeling.

In my latest climbing trip, I connected climbing with recovery, because I needed to slow down due to my injuries. Therefore, I deeply listened to my body and just climbed the way I feel. As my boyfriend Bernie had the same intention, it was perfect. We explored various climbing spots and tried for us middle hard routes. In fact, it was worthwhile topping out several routes in just a few attempts.

In the end I didn't only get fresh mental and physical energy, but also gained experience in climbing movements. My body recovered quite well, so that the inflammation on my left ring finger disappeared. Although I still struggle against the ripped tendon in my left hamstring, I usually find a way to climb in order to avoid pain. The choice of footholds and body position are essential! In support of a good sensation and creativeness I was able to climb routes till 8b+ (8c)! The route "Tres satelites" first pitch" is the one I am really proud of especially because of an interesting solution I found! Have a look at the cool pic Bernie took of that move! But he didn't just take good pics, he also sent hard routes. Apart from several routes in the 8a range he climbed 'Surprise, 8b' or 'Lagunas mentales, 8a/b'! Great job of my darling!

Climbing is a creative game, deeply connected to the laws of nature, which I want to play out many more years on high level. In support of a sensible body awareness and the therapy of ASP Red Bull I am quite confident to achieve this aim!

Foto 1 1 Lagunas Mentales 8ab 1 Tres Satelites 1 Laenge 8bc
Foto 1 1
Lagunas Mentales 8ab 1
Tres Satelites 1 Laenge 8bc