One second and plans are destroyed

Just recently I hurt my right knee badly. At first, I was more or less able to walk despite the pain. Later on, I couldn't stand on my leg anymore. I went to the well-known hospital Hoch-Rum where I was told that my medial meniscus was torn and the loose piece inside was blocking my knee in the joint, causing strong pain. I had to undergo a surgery immediately to remove the loose piece in order to prevent further damage and repair the other injured parts. At this point, I want to thank my partner ASP Red Bull for the support and for making it possible to receive the best treatment and well done surgery by Dr. Hoser.

Bad things happen and unfortunately, I had to cancel my presentation at the Festival dello Sport in Trento on October 14. I felt very sorry about that but got informed later on that everything worked out at the event, despite the circumstances.

Now, it's time to go step by step on therapy and training. Although, injuries prevent me from improving, they help me get stronger at the same time. Some of my previous injuries (especially my shoulder, the ripped tendon on my left hamstring, finger, elbow etc.) as well as my current knee injury now, remain as weak parts of my body. It's a challenge, but I focus on movements that I can still do, strengthen other muscles and learn to use different techniques when climbing.

I appreciate it so much to have such a close relationship with my partners Red Bull, EDELRID, La Sportiva and Imst Tourismus who encourage me and provide me with confidence even in difficult situations in life. Thanks a lot!

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Knie Op 1 7
Planta De Shiva Javipec 09 1