National Champions League in Bouldering

Our German colleagues are not only impressed by soccer, because this year they have organized a national Champions League in bouldering as well. The four leagues - pro male, pro female, amateur male, amateur female - collect points on 11 different stages to qualify for the finale in December. Each stage offers 15 boulder problems that can be completed within 6 weeks.

I was one of the route setters in Augsburg. For the pro female and amateur male I created a boulder with athletic moves like pressing, jumping and circular movements. The amateur female boulder problem involved powerful moves that work easier with technical tricks like hooking or kneebars. However, I like the boulder problem for the pro male most, due to its technical aspects on diverse volumes. Despite the aggressive moves the small holds demand a good sense of preciseness.

I was surprised that several participants attended the gym even though it was very hot that weekend. Fun and keenness are the key for success! It's interesting if such an event would work in Austria as well. Maybe a good thing to try out.

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