Climbing trough different walls

It doesn't always have to be rock in different countries. Inspiring projects at home also take my breath away and my performance is just as good as abroad.

In Nassereith I climbed the hard-won 'Janus, 8c', which has one really big move and is therefore a great challenge for my small body size. One foothold for my hand and some further tiny footholds for my feet are my solution! It feels much harder than the suggested grade and I am happy that this solution works.

To complete my successful strike I made a quick ascent of 'Game over, 8c' at Hahntennjoch! As a present I got the first repetition, because no other climber has climbed this route since the first ascent.

Exploring different rocks is part of climbing. That's why I checked out the Rottachberg for my first time. There you find plenty of routes in all levels and mainly long journeys. I climbed many different stuff including the route 'Tanz der Geister, 8b' in a flash go. Next I checked out the wall in the Lechtal. The ambiance is inspiring and I liked the wall there as well. It is not without reason that I climb 'Tanz der Moleküle, 8b/+' and 'Highliner, 8a+/8b' On-Sight.

Now I got to know some new crags to gain further experience on rocks and take fresh motivation. I am already excited about further great projects!

Angy Climbing Game Over 8c In Hahntennjoch Angy In Action Janus 8c
Angy Climbing Game Over 8c In Hahntennjoch
Angy In Action Janus 8c