Climbing and the Olympic Games

I have always dreamt to participate in the Olympics one day. Last time climbing was close to be accepted and now it has been proposed again for the next Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. I am proud of that news and I hope the decision of the IOC in August this year ends successfully for climbing! An Olympic Sport generates worldwide attraction and therefore diverse benefits. Speaking for myself, if I hadn't stopped competing three years ago, I would fight to get a ticket for the Olympic Games, even though it means to sacrifice much time to train all three disciplines as well as the risk to loose medals in Lead Worldcups and the World Championship in that year. I think combining all three disciplines is a compromise, better than changing completely the modus of one single discipline. Moreover, there is no need to argument which discipline should be proposed for the Olympics. So, all athletes get a chance to qualify and actually the Olympics' slogan is called 'It’s the taking part that counts!' ;-)

C Asp Red Bull S Gruden