Boulderbundesliga Bamberg

The Boulderbundesliga - short BBL - is kind of well-known in Germany since the successful launch last year. So, this event continues with the BBL 2017, which takes place in eleven different bouldering gyms throughout the whole year. There are 15 new boulders in each gym for every category - amateur women or men as well as pro women or men. The participants have six weeks time to collect as much points as possible. 

The eighth station of the BBL took place in Bamberg and I was there to set some boulders together with my husband Bernie and the local chiefroutesetters. With the great holds, it was fun to create some problems! Therefore, tricky moves and good vibes were waiting there!


Route-setting in a gym is one thing, but when you travel to Frankenjura rock climbing is almost a duty. We served two days for climbing outside. While Bernie had to hold back his motivation because of an injury at his middle finger, I could tackle diverse routes. And my performance was not bad. In the crag Trockauer Wand I did 'Hellboy, 10-'. The highlight was the ascent of the impressive steep line 'Roof Warrior, 8c' in the spot Universum. Hope we come back to Frankenjura soon!

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