Arco Rock Legends – September 4, 2015

It was something very special, when John Ellison received the Dryarn Climbing Ambassador by Aquafil Award in the course of the 'Arco Rock Legends'.
He is the founder of the foundation CAC (=Climbers against Cancer) – with which John has already sold 25,000 CAC T-shirts – and thus raised € 500,000 to support various cancer research centers.
That day we all wore our CAC t-shirts. Also the nominated athletes for the Lasportiva Competition Award Adam Ondra, Jakob Schubert and Jain Kim and we, the nominated athletes for the Salewa Rock Award, Alex Megos, Ashima Shiraishi and I. Last May Bernie and I dedicated one route to John in our new crag Nifada in Leonidio.

Who has reached the best achievements at competitions or on rocks – this was difficult to define and less 'obvious' this year.
Nevertheless, Adam Ondra, the winner of the La Sportiva Competition Award, really deserved it as he won the bouldering and lead World Championship at the same time. The Salewa Rock Award went to Alex Megos, who inspired us climbers by his great performance on rock and his all-time happiness.

After receiving the La Sportiva Competition Award in 2006 I was so honoured to be nominated for my outdoor achievements this year. Especially to see me next to Alex Megos and Ashima Shiraishi, the new 'rising star'. So it is certainly an aim to achieve further great outdoor performances and therefore another nomination next year.

Arco Rock Legends 2015