29 of August – the 25th anniversary of Wolfgang Güllich´s death

Wolfgang Güllich was an exceptional climber, who inspired me on my beginnings as a climber. He conquered the boundaries and pushed the limits in various disciplines of rock climbing. He set standards with the ascent of 'Action Directe' in 1991 in Germany, the free-solo ascent of 'Separate Reality' and a lot more throughout the world. All his achievements as well as his philosophy of climbing affected me. I read his book and was impressed about his knowledge of mental and physical preparation for specific projects on routes. This had an important impact on my climbing training. I realized that an optimum mindset is essential and allows further improvement in climbing. Moreover, I got to know the value of climbing. Our sport doesn’t only describe an athletic performance. Climbing also has an adventure aspect full of passion and life style associated with friendship. I am very sad that his life was cut short by a car accident in 1992. RIP Legend!


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Training 1
Roof Warrior 1