Angela Eiter




154 cm




Bernie Ruech


professional climber,
founder and trainer at K3-Climbing




Career Highlights

World Champion 2012/2011/2007/2005

European Champion 2010

Overall World Cup Winner 2006/2005/2004

Overall Combined World Cup Winner 2006

Rock Master victories 2012/2009/2007/2005/2004/2003

Winner of the World Games 2005 in Duisburg





Fascination of climbing

I love practicing sports. Besides climbing I like hiking, running or ski skating in the winter.

But climbing is the most inspiring sport to me. I am excited about the diversity of this sport, no route is like the other and every route has its own riddles.

Climbing routes are like books, you can interpret each one yourself and have to read in between the moves.

As I have stopped my competition climbing career in the year 2013, I regularly climb outdoors on rocks in diverse crags near my homeplace and abroad. While I was fighting for the victory in a comp in earlier times, I am pushing myself in hard projects on the rock nowadays.