Date of birth:



154 cm


Region Imst


Bernie Ruech


Pro-climber and member of my

company K3-Climbing


Competition Climbing

World Champion (Lead) 2005, 2007, 2011, 2012

Worldcup winner overall (Lead) 2004, 2005, 2006

25 single Worlcup victories including 2 times 7 in a row

Worldcup winner combined (Lead and boulder) 2006

European Champion 2010

Winner of the World Games in 2005

Record holder of 6 victories at the Rock Master in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012



Rock Climbing

First Austrian female climber who has climbed routes in sportsclimbing graded 9a.

First female climber who has climbed with „La Planta de Shiva“ in Spain a route in sportclimbing

graded 9b (October 2017).

Boulder Fragile Steps, 8b in Rocklands

Mehrseillänge Boulevard of Broken Dreams, 8a in Nösslach/Ötztal

Mehrseillänge Halteverbot, 8b in Tannheim



Tyrolean Sports woman of 2006, 2007, 20012

Golden and Silver needle of Austria in honour for great achievements

La Sportiva Competition Award 2007

Panathlon Award

Honorary Citizen of the municipality Arzl im P.


Fascination of climbing

Climbing is the most inspiring sport to me. I am excited about the diversity of this sport, no route is like the other and every route has its own riddles. Climbing routes are like books, you can interpret each one yourself and have to read in between the moves. As I have stopped my competition climbing career in the year 2013, I regularly climb outdoors on rocks in diverse crags near my homeplace and abroad. While I was fighting for the victory in a comp in earlier times, I am pushing myself in hard projects on the rock nowadays.

The first three years after birth I lived in Jerzens, in the home region of my parents before we moved to Arzl in Pitztal. After my first victories at international comps its municipality appointed myself as an honorary citizen, which title I still appreciate a lot! Finally, at the age of 11 I attended the climbing school in Imst and my passion for climbing began. Since then, Imst became my homeregion for climbing, where I still train in the gym and climb on the surrounding rocks. My all time favourite place is the idyllic landscape of the Muttekopfgebiet in this region. There, I enjoy climbing and hiking to replenish my mental energy! I really like travelling throughout the whole world to explore different places but everytime I get homesick and need to return back in my homeregion Imst!