18. August 2016 - Let's rock again

To me, satisfaction means cool moves in nature with friends. For several weeks I have suffered from an inflammation on my left ring finger, that still causes pain. In support of a sensitive feeling I weigh up the intensity of climbing and take regular physiotherapy treatments from ASP Red Bull. This helps me to find a balance between healing and my needs for rock climbing. I don't just use nice days with friends outdoors but also go for awesome climbs. In the Piburgersee I did the route "Ă–tztalszene, 8a" on my second go. Bouldering is not worse and I flashed "Flash Face, 7c" and confirmed my shape from last autumn when I did "Sunshine Reaggy, 8a" which I think is only a little harder.

However, I had to try the "Shining, 8a" again. This awesome line has inspired me since 2009 when I first recognized it. Unfortunately, I always missed the chance to send it. This time it should be different. A spontaneous trip with my friend Mia made me try it again. By playing out the right beta and getting an optimum mindset I dropped in the ascent finally!!! I am really happy and thank Mia for the perfect spotting and my finger to stand the crimps!